The Great Pyrenees is our passion! Our goal is to preserve the integrity of the breed in health, genetic diversity, temperament, and conformation.

Our dogs are an important part of our family and are essential in protecting our chickens from the many predators that frequent our property. 

Although our dogs have an important job, they are also loved members of our family. They are all housebroken and have wonderful inside manners. They do not live outside constantly, and regularly spend time inside with the human family members. Many will say that a livestock guardian will be ruined if allowed in the home, but that is not our experience. Our dogs bond with us first, and what is important to us becomes important to them. We have no issues with our dogs challenging fences and have wonderful gate and door manners. They are devoted to us, our property, and our friends, and when on the job, they mean business!

Mother dogs whelp puppies in our home and puppies are raised utilizing the Puppy Culture program. They are loved before they are born, and until they join their new families, our world revolves around them!

We strive to breed well rounded puppies that can guard livestock, perform in the show ring, snuggle on the couch, or all of the above.

Jackson's first snow