Maddie (Empyre's Who's That Girl Of Lachenbock)-Retired

Maddie comes from a long line of proven stellar working livestock guardians with 3 generations of OFA good hips, and is CHIC certified. Click the link for Maddie's OFA testing

Maddie is calm and observant. She is happy to cuddle on the couch or lay at our feet no matter where we are, but is a force to be reckoned with should there be an unwelcome intruder.  We are so thankful to Maddie for giving us 3 wonderful litters. She was spayed and is now enjoying the retired life here at Empyre Great Pyrenees❤

Maddie proved herself a protector at 6 months old when she saved her Cocker Spaniel sister from a large red tail hawk that swooped in, and saved her from certain injury. 

Sylvie (Empyre's Mistress Of Mischief)

Sylvie came to us from a small farm where her parents diligently watched over many different types of animals, including Wagyu beef cows. Sylvie's health testing results are public on the OFA website, click the button below to be taken to her page.

Sylvie is a confident, fearless guardian, but is also very happy go lucky and loves to play. She has excellent recall and always comes smiling when called.


Sylvie loves her chickens, and has saved their lives multiple times from ground and aerial predators. She also equally loves hanging out and cuddling with her human family.

Berlin (Empyre's Take My Breath Away)

Berlin was bred here at Empyre Great Pyrenees. She has the sweetest disposition, and is patient and gentle with baby animals and children alike. 

Berlin is calm, confident, and a big cuddler like her mother Maddie. 

Bogey (Empyre's Final Countdown)

Bogey is from North Dakota where his parents are working guardians on a large cattle ranch. He has an amazing pedigree with a combination of proven working guardians and AKC champions. 

Fiona (Empyre's I'm On My Way)

Jackson (Empyre's WannaBeStartin'Somethin' Of Harvest Acres):not breeding

Diana (Empyre's Dirty Diana Of Gilbert Acres): not breeding